Friday, December 19, 2008

Give A Gift That Only You Can Give

Thrifty Jinxy

Thrifty Jinxy

Thrifty Jinxy is having another great giveaway as part of the Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway.

As a grandma I can testify that no gift is more treasured than one that features your grandkids. I love receiving photos of my beautiful babies. That's why i was excited about Fodeo.

Fodeo can help your family remember all of the holiday fun. Using Fodeo is incredibly easy. Just create your account, then order a Fodeo. You can upload photos that you currently have or get a memory card sent to you. They combine your photos with your choice of music to create a DVD that will be watched again and again and again.

Choose the Custom Photo Montage Package and Fodeo will do all of the work. A Fodeo is typically over three minutes long, depending on the song chosen.

So check out Fodeo to see what they have to offer.

A Fodeo Custom DVD Package starts at just $29.99 for 30 pictures

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