Sunday, November 16, 2008

I received a

pretty nasty PM from administrator from the coupon cupboard. Here it is


I would just like to clear a few things up with our rules.

We do not allow link posting to your site on here. Especially not in a "spam" manner. You already entered the contest so posting again on that thread was inappropriate. If you would like to post your link there are 2 ways you can do so. Post a valid giveaway you are holding on your blog, rules HERE, or become a supporting member. More info HERE

We are also not a blog

Thank You,

So I guess this is how I am to interpret this. I should link her site to my site and then when I let her know I did that's "SPAM" I never heard of such a thing.

So I check out her rules and I guess the fact that I posted a second time was considered "SPAM" The second post was just to let her know that I hand linked it. The confusion came from this part of the rules:

Want extra Entries in the giveaway? You must post for each individual entry! Winner number is chosen by your post number (example: this is #1) If you leave 3 entries in 1 post they will only count as 1 entry!

1. Blog about my Giveaway! You must create an actual entry on your blog
2. Stumble, Digg, Twitter, etc this giveaway! (You must leave your Usernames!). If you do all three, that is three more entries for you.

That’s it! This Giveaway will run until 12am est on Sunday, 11/16/08. Good Luck everyone! Open to US Residents 18 years and older.

Edited by Holly: Sorry but Mods are not eligible to enter

then I read rule one

1. Blog about my Giveaway! You must create an actual entry on your blog
2. Stumble, Digg, Twitter, etc this giveaway! (You must leave your Usernames!). If you do all three, that is three more entrie

So I posted about her site on my site and let her know that it was there. Her rude little dig caused me to fire back a long email to her.

Now maybe he's come back her to check out my blog. Perhaps. Maybe not. Here's the thing. I think many people would be confused by what was printed right there on the front page. The second bit of nonscence that's listed below was on another page.

So basically I bothered to post about her site and in return got a little nasty note.

I'm not impressed. You know I PAY to go to a coupon site. it's called Refund Cents. They treat me nicely and I never have a problem with them. EVER. She's probably hoping to make her site a subscription site. Yet how can you do that when you treat people like they are dumb bunnies? How can you keep clients and build new ones when you treat people like CRAP? You're not a blog? OH EXCUUUUUUUUUUUUUSE Me as Steve Martin used to say. That was so important that you had to take the time to write me to let me know that? Well thank you very much. You certainly schooled me didn't you. Heck, if it didn't follow the rules you said you would delete the post. FINE. Delete it that's just fine with me. It didn't bother me. I think it bothered the heck out of me that she took the time, energy, and effort to let me know that she had a site and not a blog and that I SPAMMED her.

SPAMMED her? What the heck is that about? I don't remember talking about dead relatives in Nigeria or fake lotteries. I didn't phish for her information. I simply didn't understand her rules. fine. Either disqualify me for that giveaway, which would have been fine with me or say look you can't post your site in your thread, in the future just email me and then she could have deleted my thread. Great. Really. I wouldn't have felt hurt by that.

I just don't appreciate being called a SPAMMER. What is that about?

Oh I'll get over this. It is only bothering me now and I just want to make that people see this post before they read the thread below this. Please know that if you don't understand her rules she will accuse you of being a spammer and write you a PMS letter.

Any member may post a sweeps or a giveaway even if it is yours! Please follow this format:

Title: Name the Prize and End Date EX: Win a Digital Media Player ends 11/16/08
Start Date:
End Date:
Link to entry form: This should lead directly to the giveaway page. Links to home pages or lead pages will be deleted.
Special conditions: must be a member to post or US residents only and so on.

You may not BUMP your thread. You may only post it once. Make a separate post for each giveaway.

Any post that doesn't play by the rules will be deleted.
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